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Flat plate solar collector

Flat solar collector is a device that absorbs solar energy and transfers heat to working fluid. It is a special heat exchanger. The flat plate solar collector is composed of one heat-absorbing plate cord and one shell and one piece of transparent cover plate and thermal insulation material and some related components. After the circulation pipe and the heat preservation water tank are connected, it absorbs solar energy to heat the cold water.
When the flat plate solar collector works, the solar passes through the transparent cover and is projected on the heat absorption plate, absorbed by the heat absorption plate and converted into heat energy, and then transferred to the heat transfer medium inside the heat absorption plate and the temperature of the heat transfer working medium rises as a useful energy output of the heat collector. At the same time, the heat-absorbing plate after the temperature rise must inevitably dissipate heat to the surroundings through conduction, convection and radiation to cause heat loss of collector.


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    Gross Area 2.03㎡ 1.88㎡
    Aperture area 1.87㎡ 1.72㎡
    2000×1000×85mm 2350×800×85mm
    Weight Empty 34kg 33kg
    Insulation volume 85.5 79.4
    Direction horizontal horizontal
    Connecting point φ22 copper pipe 59-1brass G5/8 OR G5/8
    Absorber Coating black sputtering coating black sputtering coating
    Absorption rate ≥92% ≥92%
    Emission rate ≤6% ≤6%
    Casing Material 6063 Aluminum alloy 6063 Aluminum alloy
    Plate material galvanized steel galvanized steel
    Insulation fiberglass 40mm fiberglass 40mm
    Cover Material Tempered glass, transmittivity≥91% Tempered glass, transmittivity≥91%
    Heat Transfer Fluids antifreeze/water antifreeze/water
    Test Pressure 0. 6MPa 0. 6MPa
    Working pressure ≤0.6Mpa ≤0.6Mpa
    Loading 40 HQ' 260 sets 250 sets


    Flat plate solar collector Flat plate solar collector
    Flat plate solar collector Flat plate solar collector
    Flat plate solar collector Flat plate solar collector
    Flat plate solar collector Flat plate solar collector


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