The 2018 Sangxia Excellent Dealer Year-end Meeting was a complete success

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December 15, 2018 is an important day. After more than 2 months of intense preparations, Sangxia's leaders and employees worked together to prepare for today's grand event! Welcome the Sangxia family who came from all over the country.

December 15, 2018 is an important day. After more than 2 months of intense preparations, Sangxia's leaders and employees worked together to prepare for today's grand event! Welcome the Sangxia family who came from all over the country.

Fortunately, God gave me the strength, and it was predicted that it would be rainy and cloudy for a week, but the sky was clear.

The meeting was held at the Lihui International Hotel in Nantong on time at 8:30 in the morning. Mr. Zhao Fei, the general manager of Sangxia, arrived an hour earlier to wait for the Sangxia family from all over the country.

Because it was too early, there was no applause or flowers for Mr. Zhao's entry. I think Mr. Zhao wanted to send the applause and flowers to the Sangxia family who came from afar.

At 8:30, the red and blue on the stage fluctuated, and the colorful lights were gorgeous. The audience applauded thunderously and enthusiastically. The conference kicked off with singing and laughter!

First of all, Mr. Fan Jianfeng, Deputy General Manager of Sangxia, made an opening speech. He briefly reviewed the brilliant achievements of Sangxia over the past 20 years in refined language, and looked forward to the future situation and expectations! The language is sonorous and powerful, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, laying the majestic momentum of the conference!

A "Song of Sangxia" sounded at the venue, the company's chairman Mr. Zhao Feng, general manager Mr. Zhao Fei, deputy general manager Mr. Yang Dong, deputy general manager Mr. Xu Ke'an, deputy general manager Mr. Fan Jianfeng, marketing director Mr. Liu Ying, photovoltaic center Director Yu Leilei, Water Purifier Marketing Director Mr. Wang Zhongliang, Director of Engineering Center Mr. He Jun, and all Sangxia colleagues stood up to express their high respect!

No matter what, we can find our own shadow from "Song of Sangxia", and find the glorious imprint we left on the road of Sangxia struggle! Because we are both Sangxia people, some things are always the same deep down in our bones. This is our same song!

20 years of passion, and countless dreams have been achieved! Mr. Zhao took the stage and led us to review the glorious imprint of Sangxia! From the establishment of Sangxia, to the cooperation with the Chinese table tennis team, to the completion of the Sangxia headquarters building, Mr. Zhao can clearly remember the development process of Sangxia over the years! Like many treasures! Because behind every honorary course is hidden the hardships and hard work of countless Sangxia people! Therefore, every word of Mr. Zhao's words is loud, and every sentence is full of power!

The 20-year history reflects the long-term strategic vision of the senior management of Sangxia, and the 20-year history is the pride of all our Sangxia people. It is also a business card that can be engraved in the hearts of Sangxia, and it is extremely glorious.

Don't forget the original intention, Fang De always believes that in the days to come, under the leadership of the senior management, Sangxia people will be able to carry forward the past and forge ahead and create greater brilliance with the entrepreneurial spirit of persisting in passion and surpassing!

Then Mr. Zhao Feng, the chairman of Sangxia, walked to the podium with warm applause, and succinctly divided the 20 years of Sangxia into the start-up period, the high-speed development period, and the transition period, so that everyone can know more about the history we are in now. Great location, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the dealers who have grown up with Sang Xia as well as the dealers who have grown up with Sang Xia!

Return to the essence, do not forget the original intention. Regarding Sangxia's achievements today, Zhao Dong summed up two points: one is the product, and the product must be made earnestly. Win customers and markets with products, this is a must! The second point: The key to the success of things lies in people. Perseverance, passion, and transcendence are integrated into everyone's blood. The hard-working and pragmatic spirit of Sangxia people is an important guarantee for us to reach today!

The chairman emphasized to have a grateful heart! Benefit distribution is related to enterprise development. Whether it is the Wenchuan earthquake or the establishment of the Sangxia Scholarship. Tens of millions of donations show that we are using practical actions to realize the vision of serving the country with industry and building a century-old Sangxia. It also makes us realize that serving the country's century-old Sangxia with industry is an inseparable whole.

Then Mr. Liu Ying, director of water heater marketing, based on his rich experience in the market, kept up with market changes, and showed everyone the new side of Sangxia from the shallower to the deeper.

More importantly, the new model of Sangxia has achieved good results after several months of actual combat. Yichang, Huangpi, Hanchuan, Tianmen, and Pingxiang have achieved good results. Always emphasize that the essence of the new model is service, "customer satisfaction is our only standard"! Mr. Liu closely follows the pulse of the market and listens to the voice of customers. This is the call of the market. The new model is the practical application of our enterprise spirit. Through Mr. Liu's passionate and far-sighted speech, we have reason to believe that we will be able to overcome difficulties and create a new future for Sangxia in the days to come!

Every annual meeting is a collision of ideas, every annual meeting is a summary of achievements, every annual meeting is a war prospect for the future, every annual meeting is a carnival of the Sangxia family, and so on A grand day, the leaders of Sang Xia and all colleagues are all excited and looking forward to it! In addition to conveying the overall concept of Sangxia, what is more important is that our family can really get together to tell the ups and downs in our hearts. We are grateful for you along the way, and Sangxia is even more wonderful with you!

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