What is difference between non pressure and pressurized type ?

1) The structure and inner tank thickness are not the same. Non-pressure inner tank stainless steel sheet thickness max is 0.5mm, and pressurized inner tank min is 1.2mm.
2)The pressure of hot water is different.
For non pressure type, water flows out because of gravity, 1 meter produces a pressure of 0.01 Mpa, if the roof is about 7 meters from the ground, the hot water pressure is about 0.07Mpa.
Pressurized type, hot water outlet pressure is 0.6Mpa. Cold water enters the water tank, solar heats the water, and the hot water is to the shower, the water pressure is kept the same as the cold water, this is a closed system. But a TP valve is required at the hot water outlet to ensure safe operation of the system.
3)Different installation position. For non pressure type, we have to install it on the roof then it can work based on gravity, but for pressurized type, you can install in at any place, on the roof, or in the basement, on the ground.

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